It was very great to work with Federica, I appreciate the time she took to dive into the topics that I cared about. I could truly feel that she was invested in helping me self-reflect and find better ways to deal with my situation. I enjoyed talking to her and it empowered me to keep searching for a job!

  Coaching client 

I honestly think Federica is wonderful. She is a great coach. She helped me find my purpose and motivated me to continue working on myself and my career path.

  Coaching client 

Recently I participated in an assessment centre - and even though my coaching sessions with Federica had been two years ago I really felt that she was there with me. Working with her to define my values and goals as far as my job is concerned has helped me tremendously when changing companies in 2021. I learned a lot about myself in this process and I am more centred and focused now. And this feeling lasted until today: I felt calm and confident in the recent assessment center and could present myself in an authentic way to the interviewers. So, thank you a lot for your very sustainable support, Federica! It means a lot to me!

 Rieke - Germany

I had the privilege of working with Federica as my coach, and I can confidently say that it was a transformative experience. Federica possesses an exceptional ability to guide and inspire others. Her coaching style is a perfect blend of compassion and challenge.

Throughout our coaching journey, she  provided valuable insights, practical tools, and a structured approach that empowered me to set  my goals.

Federica is a great listener, and her ability to ask thought-provoking questions encouraged self-reflection and self-discovery. She consistently held me accountable, ensuring that I remained focused on my objectives. I appreciated her great support and encouragement, even when faced with challenging moments.

I wholeheartedly recommend Federica to anyone seeking to grow personally or professionally. Her coaching is not just a service. It's a partnership on a journey of self-improvement. Grazie mille, Federica, for your guidance and unwavering belief in my potential!


Ho camminato insieme a Federica lungo un percorso di sessioni focalizzate sull’esplorazione in ambito personale e professionale. Mi ha supportato a connettermi con la mia voce interiore e a riconoscere l’essenza dei miei valori. Attraverso un lavoro di visualizzazione, di immagini e di riflessione sulle parole, ho riscoperto che cosa mi dà energia, cosa mi piace e cosa lasciare andare. Le sessioni sono state un’esperienza emozionante e costruttiva e Federica è una coach molto attenta, gentile e di grande supporto!

Patrizia - the Netherlands

I chose to try coaching in a moment of my life where I was feeling a bit lost, stuck in a job I didn't like, struggling with finding new perspectives. My initial objectives were: clarity, a sense of direction, a new job, new ways to explore my passions. It was the first time I tried coaching and I think I got very lucky with finding Federica. I immediately felt at ease with her, she managed to create a safe space where there is no room for judgement. Thanks to fun and impressive exercises I have better clarity of my strengths, my guiding values, my allies and saboteurs. Now I know what to rely upon when if I feel lost. I used to beat me down for not having a clear objective, now I like to think of myself as prismatic. It's a matter of perspectives, and Federica will give you many. After this coaching journey I feel more at peace with myself. If you feel stuck and your mind is playing like a broken record, get in touch with Federica. You won't regret it :)

Francesca - Luxembourg

Federica is a great coach: welcoming, present, smiling and a great professional. She knows her means very well and she is able to REALLY listen to what you say and take out of what you say the hidden messages to yourself.  Federica is someway magical, she has a great intuition and strong abilities to connect the dots and to guide you in discovering the parts of you that can leverage a better version of yourself. 

Rosaria - Italy

Federica is a wonderful coach! She is a very good listener, super empathetic, always with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She really puts you in a good mood and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during the whole session. She helped me make clarity in my head, reconnect with myself and listen to my inner voice. I am super happy with what I was able to achieve thanks to her support and guidance so I highly recommend her! :)

Ivana - Italy

Ho iniziato questo percorso di coaching senza avere la minima idea di quello che sarebbe successo. Ogni sessione mi ha aiutata ad affrontare situazioni con occhi diversi. Federica è un must, puoi parlare di tutto senza sentirsi minimamente giudicata. Ho imparato molto su me stessa. Raccomando a tutti di seguire questo percorso con Federica per viversi al meglio le sfide che la vita di riserva. 

Marika - Italy

I started my journey with Federica as I got an important role in the company I’ve been working hard for the past years. So I thought I wanted support to grow in the new role. Throughout the weeks we have been working together, the magic happened. I understood that what I really needed wasn't to further develop my managerial skills as I had already worked hard to get on point, but actually to reconnect with myself after investing so much time of my life into work. Federica helped in my journey to discover what I need in this moment of my life. As today I reconnected with myself, have a different approach to work which allows me to have a great work/life balance, and even changed job! 

Thanks Fede for being my light during this journey!

Veronica- the Netherlands

Federica has been a really great help to me. Initially I was a bit skeptical to start a "life coaching" path but I changed my mind very soon. Federica helped me understand how to listen to myself and what I needed at that specific moment in my life. Thanks to this new awareness and willingness to change, I have just received a new proposal for my work career! 

Irene - the Netherlands

After my maternity leave I knew I wanted to build my own business but I was too scared, I was feeling lost and very confused. I had too many ideas in my head that I didn't know where to start. I kept procrastinating until I met Federica who helped me to figure out what to do. I rediscovered my qualities and for the first time I saw the "real me" without being afraid. I started to be more confident, I understood my values and built my business around them. I found my way. 

Francesca - Italy 

Should I stay or should I go? And if so - where to? Stuck in a job that made me unhappy and lacking perspective of a good future I asked Federica for help last November -  and I have not regretted it for a minute. She helped to sort through the conflicting thoughts in my head and enabled me to dig out the things I really value and need in a job. Working with Federica was intense but a lot of fun at the same time. Her positive, considerate and supportive approach helped me to believe in myself and to focus on two things: what is most important to me? And what I can actually influence in life? Thus I could approach the job hunt as a chance rather than a terrible time. Yet when the going got rough she expertly guided me through setbacks and doubts. With her by my side I was able to face applications and job interviews well-prepared and confidently - a feeling that I didn’t expect before. In the end I was able to find a new, exciting job opportunity. I am deeply grateful to Federica for our journey: I couldn’t have done it without her!

Rieke - Germany 

Speravo di mettere un un po’ di ordine nella fase della mia vita che stavo affrontando. Avevo molta confusione su come poter gestire la mia vita in questa fase di cambiamento. All’inizio è stata un’esperienza molto intensa: fermarsi ad ascoltarsi è difficile ma ne vale la pena! Sono ancora in una fase di cambiamento ma ho maggiore consapevolezza della strada che voglio percorrere. Sono più consapevole delle mie risorse. Le sessioni mi hanno aiutato a prendere del tempo per me e ad ascoltare i miei bisogni. Per questo sono molto soddisfatta e sento di aver raggiunto il mio obiettivo. Federica è una coach molto competente ed appassionata: ti senti immediatamente a tuo agio e accolta. Mi sono convinta che il percorso fosse giusto per me quando mi ha detto: ti ascolterò al 100%, ed è proprio quello che ha fatto! 


Chiara - the Netherlands 

In the last few months, coaching with Federica has been an essential part of my self-care routine. After every session, I would have an insight, a reminder… I would feel closer to myself again, inspired and ready to continue my work. And I think what impacted me the most from Federica’s coaching was how action-oriented it is. Federica, with your firm and kind presence you brought me back to earth every time. You allowed me to cut to the chase and face issues head-on. Thank you for not letting me off the hook and believing that I could do it. You’ve been a true accountability partner!

 Raquel ‐ the Netherlands

I can whole-heartedly recommend Federica as a life coach! Whatever challenges you are facing, she is the right person to ask for support. She is not only passionate about coaching and helping people, but a very talented coach. We have had a coaching partnership for a couple of months and every time I had a new topic or challenge, she perfectly guided me to find my answers, solutions and see the situations from a different perspective. We had a breakthrough in every single session and I was looking forward to each of them because I knew that I would be surprised with an unexpected solution. Federica is genuine, kind, supportive and I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her.

Linda ‐ the Netherlands

Federica has been my personal coach for the last 2 months. I started working with Federica shortly after we both graduated and got certified as coaches. During certification, I noticed Federica was able to have a significant impact on me in 15mn! So I asked her to be my coach. Federica has a talent to be with me and hold a space in which I can reveal myself. She provides me with an experience that is so powerful that I stay with it for weeks. She has a unique way to help me drive concrete actions from my own self discovery. I would definitely recommend Federica to anyone who wants to learn and grow exponentially through coaching 


Federica is the coach I was hoping to find! She gave me the space and tools to become even more self‐aware and used very good and powerful questions, that are still resonating with me. Our friendly and open coaching conversations helped me get clarity on the change in my life I was planning to make. In addition I got some nice and gentle guidance, which I absolutely loved, as besides important and effective, it also felt "light" and "fun". Federica is open-minded, flexible and client‐oriented and it felt so good to have her walk hand in hand with me the way from discovery through clarity to finally decision‐making. I am thankful and thrilled to have had the chance to be coached by Federica! 

 Joana ‐ the Netherlands

Ero curiosa rispetto al Coaching, ne avevo sentito parlare ma non ne avevo mai avuto esperienza  diretta. Essendo in un momento di riflessione e trasformazione della mia vita professionale, ho  deciso di rivolgermi a Federica alla ricerca di strumenti per affrontare al meglio questo percorso di  cambiamento. Volevo capire quale fosse la mia traiettoria professionale e soprattutto avevo  bisogno di accrescere la mia autostima per uscire dalla zona di comfort.  

Fin dalla prima sessione sono rimasta entusiasta: mi sono sentita ascoltata e compresa e Federica  mi ha aiutata a trovare da me gli strumenti adatti per affrontare la mia sfida di cambiamento. La  grande forza del percorso di Coaching con Federica è stato proprio questo accompagnamento nel  trovare soluzioni e risposte che erano già dentro di me ma che da sola non riuscivo a focalizzare.  Ho preso decisioni importanti con serenità grazie agli strumenti appresi con Federica e mi sento  più centrata e fiduciosa rispetto alle mie capacità. 

E’ stato un percorso fondamentale per la mia crescita e ringrazio di cuore Federica per la sua  professionalità, la sua capacità di essere veramente presente in ogni momento e la sua genuina  empatia.

Federica - Italy

​A couple of months ago I realized I need some help finding ​my own path in life, some support and guidance. Then the universe sent me Federica.

Three months of coaching, triggering questions, complicated and complex answers, lots of thinking. It feels now that I am exactly where I should be. Federica helped me to believe in myself, to remember who I really am. I am starting my new dream job next week, full of energy and motivation. It is difficult to find words to thank you enough Federica. Thank you for what you do, lots of luck and success!

Liza - the Netherlands 

Federica has been coaching me for the last year and it has been a great adventure! Her questions are so powerful and the answers unfold by themselves, not only on the coaching moment, but also after. Every coaching session is a pleasant hard work moment filled with "Eureka" sounds and smiles! 

I am sure that anyone using her services will be able to reach their goals.  I learned a lot about myself and the way that I can improve both in my work and in my life. The tools that Federica uses are impactful and bring on the change that I am looking for.

Susana - the Netherlands 

L’anno scorso sono tornata al lavoro dopo quasi due anni di stop in seguito alla maternità. Ero molto entusiasta del mio ritorno, ma, allo stesso tempo, non riuscivo a sentirmi pienamente soddisfatta. 

Ho sempre avuto l’idea di creare qualcosa che fosse mio al 100%, ma la preoccupazione aveva sempre preso il sopravvento. Quando ho saputo di Federica e del suo lavoro ho voluto subito provare: speravo potesse aiutarmi a liberarmi dalla confusione rispetto ai miei obiettivi e soprattutto aiutarmi a realizzarli! Eh beh, è successo! 

Alcune sessioni possono essere molto impegnative, soprattutto a livello emotivo, il che non sempre è facile, ma è fondamentale. 

Mi è  piaciuta molto la sessione relativa ai miei obiettivi e ai miei valori perché ho potuto far mente locale su dove voglio essere orientata ogni giorno. 

Federica mi ha sempre aiutato con domande per riuscire a trovare le risposte che già erano dentro di me, e non riuscivo a trovare (o forse non volevo). 

Dove sono ora? Ho fatto il salto, ho scommesso su me stessa dopo aver imparato ad apprezzare i miei pregi e soprattutto ad aver creduto a quella “spinta” che era sempre stata dentro di me e che troppo spesso ho spezzato sul nascere. Ho aperto la mia attività di cui vado super fiera.

Ma un altro obiettivo raggiunto come “effetto collaterale” è stata proprio la mia consapevolezza. Ho imparato a credere nella mia persona, al di là di quello che sta all'esterno. Io so chi sono e chi voglio essere per me e per le persone che mi stanno intorno. 

Sono davvero grata a Federica per questo suo aiuto e  per questo lavoro svolto insieme. E sono grata a me stessa per aver intrapreso questo percorso, tra il bene e il “difficile” che porta con sé. 

Se hai “tante nuvole nella tua testa che ostacolano il sole”, se stai faticando a trovare equilibrio nella vita tra i tuoi sogni, i tuoi obiettivi e quello che stai vivendo, vale la pena fare un tentativo per ritrovare il tuo posto e la tua direzione!

Silvia - Italy