Do you want more?

Do you feel like you are not expressing your full potential?

Do you want to make a change in your life but you feel stuck?

What is coaching?

Coaching is a very powerful tool that helps you live a life in accordance with what truly matters for you and create what you want to create.

You will come up with your own answers and your own solutions to the challenges you are currently facing. What’s more empowering than that?

The International Coaching Federation ICF defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”

How Can i serve?

Hi there!

My name is Federica and I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach CPCC.

When coaching, I use the Co-Active Model – I see you as creative, resourceful and whole and, as such, I believe in you and your capabilities: you have an innate wisdom about how to best live your life. And yet, sometimes life gets complicated and you just need support in getting clarity on how to move forward. I can help you do that.

Coaching helps you to expand what you think is possible, you will gain renewed perspectives towards a more fulfilling life and explore new possibilities.

Start: first step towards new beginnings...

I always offer a free exploration session: this helps us to understand your goals and needs, and how I may help you to achieve them.

Sign up for a free 45-minute session!

Book a free, no-obligation exploration session where you can have a taste of a coaching session with me. We explore your expectations together: what you want to achieve, if coaching can meet your needs, and whether I am the right coach to help you. You will leave the session with a better understanding of what coaching is and more clarity on your way forward.

And continue.. let's dive deeper!

After our exploration session, if we are a good match and you would like to progress further with me, I would love to be your coach! I currently offer different coaching packages to help you achieve both short-term and transformative long-term goals. We will pick the coaching option that best suits your needs and budget.

Let's start our coaching journey together!

All coaching sessions currently take place online and are held in English or Italian.

About me

My passion for coaching...

In 2019, I started a coaching training program with the Co-Active Training Institute recognized as the most rigorous and respected coach training, the gold standard of coaching. In June 2021 I completed my certification path and became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). In September 2021 I obtained the ACC credential from ICF, the International Coaching Federation.

I love coaching, I love the energy it generates and it's a privilege to witness my clients going through a journey of transformation.

As a coach, I help professionals at a crossroads that feel stuck & long for something more see new possibilities so that they regain confidence in themselves and figure out where they want to go next.

...more about me.

Born and raised in Italy, I completed my Master’s degree in Padova. I’ve been living in colorful Amsterdam NL since 2011 and I worked for about 10 years in the corporate travel industry as a Quality Advisor.

In early 2021 I left my job so I could fully dedicate myself to being a coach.

I have the funniest daughter that fills my days with "why?" and wonder.

Other than coaching, I am passionate about sports and in particular alpine skiing. I love watching ski races.. oh the adrenaline of speed events! 🎿 My dream is to combine my two passions and, one day, specialize in mindset coaching for sports. Stay tuned!

I also love hiking in the mountains. I'm a terrible cook and I buy way more books than I'll ever be able to read.

That's me, in a nutshell.